NCML being a responsible corporate has been contributing in social investments primarily in following three broad focus areas:
  1. Improving health, education and nutrition for underprivileged children

NCML provides grants to credible NGOs working with underprivileged children catering to their health, nutrition and education needs. These NGOs are: Mobile Creches, CKS Foundation, Blind Relief Foundation, Akshaya Patra Foundation and Rainbow Foundation.

  1. Supporting rural and farming communities

NCML works for farmer extension programs, road, drainages, solar lighting, environmental improvements, sanitation to benefit the rural farm community surrounding our warehouses. NCML works closely with rural farmer households in the areas close to our warehouses and has developed strong bonds with the local community. NCML contributes to farmer awareness programs, several roads, drainage, tree planting, etc. surrounding our warehouses.

  1. Research & Development(R&D) in Food Security

This focus area includes a holistic approach to all forms of malnutrition, the productivity and incomes of small-scale food producers, resilience of food production systems and the sustainable use of biodiversity and genetic resources. R & D also includes building new-age infrastructure, leveraging technology and innovation that will provide value for the agri-produce. A related area for R&D would be the creation of improved and efficient post-harvest processes including, preserving and protecting the value of agri-produce and creating a transparent ecosystem.