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Storage & Preservation
NCML offers modern, scientific and IT enabled storage and preservation services for the entire range of agri and non - agri commodities.
Procurement & Supply Chain
NCML is the first private procurement agency engaged by the Government of India (GOI) to procure commodities under the Minimum Support Price (MSP) operations.
Collateral Management
We have been a pioneer in providing collateral management services to banks. These services have assisted industries, traders and farmers in financing their capital requirements at all stages of the supply chain.
NCML Finance Private Ltd. (NFin) is an RBI registered Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) with focus on rural and agri-business finance.
Testing & Certification
T & C Services started in 2005 under the brand name “CommGrade”. It provides Inspection & Testing of Food, Agricultural and allied products. It has a network of 32 locations where Quality Control Activities take place.
Commodity and Weather Intelligence & Consultancy
We provide incisive market intelligence on the entire range of commodities traded in the country. Our pragmatic solutions are based on assessment of existing resources, identification of problems and critical evaluation of various alternatives.
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NCML has the best in class storage and preservation facilities along with collateral management to provide easy loans and procurement of commodities. This is done under...
Our research in incisive market intelligence on trading and products helps in identifying the issues and their underlying solutions as well based on extant assets....
Government Agencies
Since Fairfax India is an investment holding company, the main objective is to invest in public and private equity securities and debt instruments in India and Indian businesses...
Banks & Financial Institutions
NFin, the digital lending platform is a key player in warehouse receipt finance. Through NCML Finance Private Limited, the issue of Home Loan or Loan against property...
Understanding corporations, understanding your business. We provide end-to-end solutions to your empire with a wreath of commodity based services all under one roof...
Research And Education
NCML keeps the interest of the customers as the priority and provides customized solutions.New management ideas for the return of investment is researched thoroughly and ...
Infrastructure, Logistics And Warehousing
We work on transforming the agriculture-food supply chain through delivering profitable and sustainable solutions for logistics, proper storage and preservation of the goods...

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Our shareholders are our pillars, since they provide value to us and help us get an insight on correct strategies and the subsequent execution resulting in a positive collaboration.