NCML launched its 8th edition of ‘The India Commodity Year Book 2017’ on November 22, 2016. The book which has become the country’s benchmark publication on commodities was released by S.B. Mathur, Chairman, NCML. The India Commodity Year Book 2017 is NCML’s latest volume of the reference series in the Indian commodity space. This eighth volume of the book covers a broad range of subjects in the commodity sector, with focus on agriculture. The topics include food inflation in India, role of SEBI in accelerating the growth of Indian commodity market, modern agri-value chain, trends in cold chain, the food processing sector, post-harvest agriculture credit and warehousing including silos. There also are commodity specific articles on sugar, edible oils, corn and pulses.

The volume fills the void felt by commodity market participants, including analysts, arising out of a lack of comprehensive source of information and inputs in the sector. The book reviews the latest developments, trends and data for the benefit of various stakeholders in the commodity segment. Over the last few years, this book by NCML has acquired the trust of market participants by providing a reliable outlook of the commodity landscape. The ‘Commodity Review’ and Statistical Appendix have been put together by NCML’s expert in-house research team, and serve as a single point reference on price and production trends for most of the major commodities in the agricultural sector, besides gold and crude oil. This unique publication makes it the country’s most comprehensive reference Book in the commodity space.