Financial Management

“NCML Finance Private Limited (NFIN) is an RBI registered Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC) with focus on rural and agri business finance. NFIN is one of the major player in the field of Warehouse Receipt Finance (WRF) and also offers other financing products such as – Multipurpose Secured Loan, Lease Rent Discounting, Demat Commodity Finance and Bill Discounting etc.

The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Collateral Management Services Limited (NCML), which is country’s leading organization providing a bouquet of commodity based services under a single umbrella. Where NFIN is Leveraging the extensive reach of NCML, serves farmers and commodity market participants including warehouse and cold storage owners, traders, agro processors and other stakeholders in the agri value chain.


Following are the major products offered by NFIN-

  1. Warehouse Receipt Funding (WRF) : NFIN provides loan against the storage receipt or warehouse receipt (Warehouse Receipt Finance – WRF) for commodities kept in custody of NCML or other Collateral Management service providers. The collateral essentially is the underlying agri commodity.
  2. Demat Funding : This product is similar to WRF where the underlying commodity is held in NCDEX in an electronic format and the physical commodity is held in NCDEX accredited NCML warehouses.
  3. Rent Discounting : NCML regularly takes warehouses on lease from warehouse owners. By availing the product warehouse owners can get their future Lease Rent receivables discounted and avail a lump sum amount upfront.
  4. Multipurpose Secured Loans : Under this facility borrowers can avail loans for business or personal requirement based on their cash flows and the loans are secured by borrower’s residential, commercial property or warehouse etc.